Kite Safaris


Kalpitiya has a lot to offer as a kitesurfing destination, with 8 months of wind, many amazing spots and conditions depending on which season you decide to visit. The tactical location of DPC Kalpitiya, at the end of Kalpitiya, keeps the area's best flat water spots in close proximity and easily accessible by boat from the center. All our trips are guided by certified instructors. Enjoy amazing flat water conditions or a wave spot on the ocean side at Dreamspot.

What's included

Gear transportation & rescues (if needed)

How long does a trip take?

Our kite safaris usually last one day. On rare occasions it may be a half day due to the wind picking up later in the day. 

Home Spot

Beautiful spot to squeeze in that morning or sunset session. The spot works in winter and summer season.
It's not crowded on the water. There are some shallow water areas to watch out for, so we do not recommend it for foilers.

Navy Point

At the northern tip of the Kalpitiya Peninsula, situated at the entrance of the lagoon and serving as a base for the Sri Lankan Navy, lies a stunning kite spot. Navy Point, approximately a 30-minute boat ride from our location, is a key destination during the winter season. The wind blows from the shore over a thin sandbank and a rescue boat is available.

This area boasts shallow waters, ideal for mastering new kiteboarding tricks.

Vella Island

You cannot leave Kalpitiya without visiting Vella Island at least once! This long and narrow island easily competes as one of the best flat water spots in the world and how lucky we are that it works both winter and summer season. Not only are there offshore lifeboats, clean and laminar winds, and acres and acres of butter-flat water, but the scenery is simply amazing and it makes the perfect day trip. Vella Island is located 45 minutes by boat from our center.

Mini Vella

Who knew that paradise was just around the corner? 25 minutes by boat and you are there. Mini Vella is one of our most popular destinations and during the summer season we run almost daily trips to this mind-blowing flat water paradise. The wind is laminar and blows off shore from the long and thin sandbank. Our rescue boat is always at your disposal. A kite station has been set up here for shelter, rehydration and chats between kite sessions. This spot is only used during the summer.

Dream spot

Located just a 10-minute boat ride north of us, Dream Spot offers a unique combination of waves and flat water. It stands out as one of the deepest flat water spots in the area, making it an ideal choice for beginners in kite and wingfoil. On the ocean side, there is a beach break suitable for both beginners and experienced riders to enjoy. The wind direction is side onshore in the ocean and side offshore in the lagoon (rescue boat available). DPC Kalpitiya has a dedicated kite station at Dream Spot for breaks between sessions. This spot is operational during both the summer and winter seasons.

Kalpitiya Lagoon

The Kalpitiya Lagoon spot features a 1.7 km long sandbank that separates the shallow water from the ocean. This spacious and easily accessible location provides ideal conditions for teaching and is home to numerous kite schools in the area. DPC Kalpitiya also operates a kite station here and offers daily boat rides (free of charge) from the kite center. The spot is open during both the summer and winter seasons, with a recommendation for visits during winter. The wind direction is side shore in the lagoon, and rescue boats are available (free of charge).